Behind The Picture

The Story Behind the Picture

On Location Irina Voronina

Irina Voronina Playboy Playmate

I contacted a poster company that I had worked with in the past and talked to them about a Playboy® Playmate Irina Voronina and they seemed to be very interested and wanted me to shoot some images for them to reviw. So I contact Irina and we set up a time and date for a shoot with some ideas we thought would make for a great poster. We drive out to a location and as I had already been to this location before I knew what time to be there for the best light. As the sun (Light) was moving into the right spot We shot some other images for the fun of it and to get loosened up, You also never know if you will end up with some other fantastic shot’s. When the light was right for the shots, I set up for the poster idea. I had take a pole with us to use which had a look of an old signpost. I thought it would make for an interesting prop in the poster. It would also gave Irina something to work with, not just stand there.
Irina Voronina Playboy Playmate
Irina had different color swimsuit’s to use to give the poster company more than one look. She had also put some baby oil on her skin for a nice body sheen, We were in the desert so it made sense she would have some sort of shine on her body. The camera I used was a Canon 50D & 18-200mm zoom lens. I had a Q-light set up on a stand as a fill light. I used the sun as the back/side light to give me more of a shaping of the Irina’s body. The poster company liked the shots but we could not agree on a price so we held off on getting an image published!
Irina Voronina Playboy Playmate

Story behind Razor Magazine shoot

Razor Magazine Editoral

I got a call from model Tyler Stevens, She asked if I would come over to shoot with her at a LA hotel. When I asked about how come she was staying at a LA hotel. She informed me that she had flown in with her boyfriend for a few days. I asked what he did and she told me that he was the editor of Razor magazine. I would be only to happy to come over to shoot if I could get 15min of his time so he could review my photo work. He agreed and the next day I went over to do the shoot.
Tyler Stevens
I had taken with me some hot lights with some stands plus my camera’s and lens’s for which I thought I might need. Part of the thought of the hot lights was that they do not flash and if it got to be later in the day for the shoot I would not be seen with the flash going off in the room. I do not need any unwanted attention when shooting nude women in a LA hotel. I had also taken some clothes with me as I know form my experience that I work better if I know the clothes. We stared off with some soft sexy shots with feathers and robe and worked into underwear and nudity. I then moved up to some light fetish clothing to crank the looks up a bit. When we had finished they told me that was fantastic. I thanked them and said goodbye and thought nothing of it. I did give copies of all the images to the model on DVD's.
Tyler Stevens

Tyler Stevens Latex

The following week I got a call from editor from Razor and he asked if I would like to shoot an editorial for his magazine (Paid). I asked what he would need me to shoot and he informed me it would be a men’s layout with one big request. That I was to use Yvette Nelson as the female model with the two guys. She would be in underwear. (Yvette was the Fredericks of Hollywood model) at the time. I was a friend of Yvette so I made a call to her and she agreed to the shoot. I went about booking the two guys and the magazine secured the location and makeup & hair girl for me to use on the shoot. The shoot went super as I had with me my DP who gave me the lightning I needed for the shots.The rest is in the published pages of Razor magazine. That’s my story of how I got to shoot for Razor magazine.
Tyler Stevens

Duran Duran “The Masonic in San Francisco”

Duran Duran The Masonic in San Fracisco

The Story Behind the Picture and how I got to photograph Duran Duran in San Francisco at the Masonic, on there US tour "Paper Gods"
It all started with a gentleman "Pedro Garcia" contacting me about a Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevens that I had just work with and posted some of my images of her on instagram. He asked if there would be any way to meet her as he has always thought she was a fantastic Playmate. Carrie and I have been working together for about 14 years so we have become friends. This was not the first time that I have had this sort of request before as I have been working with some of the hottest model's in Los Angeles for about 30 years and from time to time I get guys contacting me. I did some research and found out that he was a well known as a concert promoter from the Dominican Republic. I contacted him back and he asked that if we can have a meeting could we all do some thing that would be cool for all of us. This offer worked it's way into a plan to go see the Duran Duran concert in San Francisco as Pedro Garcia was going to the show and has been a good friend of the band for the last 20 years. I thought this was a great offer and talked to Carrie Stevens to see if she would be OK with this. My people looked into this offer and worked with him about the arrangements. How would we get there (Flight) what hotel would we be at (The Marriott In Union Square), and to see all the booking information under his name. I also requested that if I was to go with Carrie Stevens as part of his offer I would like to have a photo pass so that I could shoot images of the Duran Duran. Not only did he agree he also came back with the offer for both me and Carrie to meet with the band back stage and to top it off would Carrie like to bring a girlfriend Guenivere Gabriel. This was fantastic, many of my friends thought this was never going to happen, to good to be true! I received some phone calls from Pedro Garcia and we got to know a little about each other, he seemed to be a super guy and was very thoughtful about his family and friends. Not just all about, can I meet Carrie. He did say that it was a dream of his to meet her, but that all seemed normal to me. I know when I am dealing with a crazy fan but this gentleman seemed to be very sincere. I sent one e-mail to the management of Duran Duran and I found out that he was who he said he was & that he had made all the arraignment's with them for pass's and ticket's. So all was set ! Carrie now called her girlfriend in San Francisco and got her the dates that we would be there for the show. I am now going to tell you that for once in my life again it all worked out. It was fantastic the show was super, I got amazing photo's and Pedro Garcia was all he said he was. What a great guy and what a fantastic experience. Carrie Stevens & I now have made Pedro Garcia a new friend & contact in the Dominican Republic, Meeting some of the guy's that made part of the sound track of my life and having  pictures to prove it. "It is one of those great moment's in my life."


My youtube movie of the trip to shoot Duran Duran
"The Story Behind the Picture"
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Carrie Stevens Poster

Carrie Stevens Playboy Playmate Poster

The story behind this Poster. I received an e-mail from a client about an offer to shoot a new poster with an idea they had been looking to publish. We talked about who would be good for the shot and Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevens came up as a good candidate for the poster idea. The poster company sent me some images of what they were thinking about & they wanted to call it “Always Hold your Licker”. As Carrie would be sitting on the floor holding a liquor bottle. All I had to do was book the model and set up a time and studio for the shoot. I thought we would and did end up using a black backdrop with a nice orange backlight. Carrie has a lot of hair and a back light would help separate her from the background. This would give a nice glamour look and with the ad of a wind/fan at her hair it would stay away from her face which is one of the things you need to show in a poster. The model needs to make eye contact with the viewer.
They (Poster company) also needed to have a lot of sexy cleavage & this was not an issue with Carrie as she has a smashing bust line. We shot with about 4 different tops to give the client a choice to pick from. As you can see they went with a plan cream top image. This poster “Hold your Licker” is now a collectible.
Carrie Stevens Playboy Playmate
As this shot was to be a poster I use a Canon 5D full frame so the image would be sized up with no lose of detail, lighting was one backlight with orange an gel and two front lights defused. I made sure that no front light was going to spill onto the background to keep it black. I did this with the use of large flags/Cards. You also have to keep the model away from the backdrop so any front light just fall’s off. So you only are lighting (Front light) the model.

Barbara Moore Circus Tent

Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate

Over the years I have been an exclusive photographer to Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore, not only have I been her photographer but I also designed and operated her members only website. Her website (members) is not online any more due to the over saturation of free content that has been posted by the idiots that have made the web a none exclusive environment for membership websites.
I shot these images as part of a set for Barbara’s website, The story behind how I came about shooting this set is that on the day of the shoot, I had bought a painted backdrop and string of lights to use in the background for a set inwhich I was going for a Circus Tent look. When we were about to shoot the set I had noticed that the daylight (Sun) was coming though some of the window’s of the location and was hitting a cabinet which had some glass doors. The reflection was bouncing around the room & I thought that if we set the backdrop up so that light was hitting the background, And I was to use a tungsten light I might have a more of an interesting look. I could have got the same effect with the use of strobe’s but it would have taken more time to set up & as we had a limited time to shoot at this location I decided this was the way to go.
Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate
Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate
Check out my movie "Story Behind the Picture"

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Rebecca Mary Poster

Rebecca Mary Poster

I was working on a new project (Poster) with TV actor and model Rebecca Mary. We had set up a very ezy to do backdrop of red cloth. My lighting was also a very minimal setup. I had one light on a boom at eye level and the other light was on the floor. Each light was facing the model. The floor light is 1-1/2 stop under the the exposure of the main light on the boom so this is what we call a fill light. I also placed white cards on each side of the model to box the light in.
I had also placed a white shiny board on the floor to bounce the light up and to also give the model something solid to stand on as the room we were shooting in had carpet on the floor. You can see the shiny board in the B/W shots. I was also using a fan to blow the model’s hair to give some sort of reaction to the viewer.
Rebecca Mary-Insert
Rebecca Mary Insert
The outfit was very see through and Rebecca’s request was to have the images retouched so that her nipples were not showing. I order to get a hot model to pose you have to bend to some of there request’s. The final shot of her is the mian image to the left, it's the poster/pinup look we were going for & I believe it is showing her best atribute's.

Sand Jeans Shoot

Sand Jeans
Sand Jeans
I was on location shooting content for a model’s website and we had decided that we could shoot in a elevator for some of the shots. As I was shooting the images I could not help but see that my strobe light was flashing around the room off the silver shiny sides of the walls and door of the elevator, as it was made of stainless steel in some place’s. You can see this in the images below.
Elevator image
I went back to the same location to see if I could reproduce the same effect. With a model in the silver catsuit.
Elevator image
I could see that this was a super idea and that I should keep it for maybe a up & coming job. I received a call about shooting for Sand®Jeans and I explained to them about this idea of the silver sided room. The thought was you could see the front and back of the jeans all at the same time. (Main image) They like this idea and I was now in the running for the job, as I found out later that a big New York agency was also trying to get the assignment, But my idea won them (Sand®Jeans) over and I got to shoot the project. I booked two model’s for the shoot and rented a studio for the day which had a white cove. The story as to why I would need a cove is so that I would have a nice clean background that would reflect into the silver cards I had made as a room. All this information and a diagram can be found in my book “Tips & Tricks” so that you can use this idea for a client of just for inspiration. I still have the jeans from the shoot and the images were published in 12 magazine ad’s, some were two page’s with a large image others were just a one page. I also did all the artwork and delivered the final’s to all the magazine’s.

You can view the story behind the picture.

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Elvis Catsuit

Tiffany Selby Playboy Playmate Elvis Catsuit

Here are some shots that I think demonstrate how a photographer can crank it up a bit each time he or she get's to shoot the same or similar outfit's. The shot below is for a catalog in a different season. This is when I started to get my idea to intensify my shot later, as you can see in this shot (below) the clients only interest was in showing the outfit not the total attitude which I would have liked to have been more intense for them, Even though Keri (Model) gave me a great pose (Hand in the air) for her shot, It still did not have the total vibe I would have like to have seen. So when working on a proposed shot for Sure™ microphone I suggested to Tiffany Selby Playboy® Playmate/model the idea that she rock out when I was shooting the shots of her, We put a dark wig on Tiffany to help make for the look I was going for and as you can see she just went for it."Fabulous Baby". I also cranked up the color of the image somthing I could not do for the catalog as the images for that have to stay as close to the original for sale's.

Kerri Elvis Catsuit

Rebecca Mary Head Shot

Rebecca Mary After Look

Reviewing some images, I had taken of Rebecca Mary of TV fame “The Price is Right”. I found a great head shot image of her that I wanted to work on. With the use of Adobe® Photoshop and then applying one of my photoshop technique’s I gave the shot a different look from the original. When working with this image in Adobe® Photoshop I thought it would  look great if I just cranked it up in intensity & color. I also went and cropped in on the face. You my have thought why did I not zoom in or go closer when taking the shot. I did but this is to demonstrate how you can change your mind later on a shot and work an image into a new life. Creativity knows no bounds, you can go back to review how you got the look by putting the formula in a logbook, So if you wish to repeat the process you have that bit of informtion.

Rebecca Mary Before Look

Rebecca Mary

Yvette Nelson Head Shot

Yvette Nelson

After shooting some new head shot’s of Model and Actor Yvette Nelson. She requested that I crop the image she had picked to be a closer view and do a bit of work on the image color and some very small touchup’s. I think Yvette looks very lovely and real, not over the top retuched like you might see with some other Photoshop retouchers.

 Before Photoshop