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André Felix is an accomplished Professional Photographer with many years of experiences in the art of taking and processing images. His first recorded photo was when he was nine years old in the UK.


André has developed a high proficiently in digital imagery, color-correcting RGB, CMYK, image resizing & color filter effects in Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® Lightroom & Capture One. André is also skilled in Daylight Balance, Studio Strobes, Tungsten lighting (Hot Lights) & LED's. And is an expert in the day to day running of a photographic studio. With his years of working in the studio & on location André has become very capable in a variety of specialized photographic techniques, including macro photography, product photography & 360º, live stage music shows & fashion photography with an amazing proficiency necessary to direct live model's on any of his photo shoot's. André has also worked with ghost mannequins and has use them in many clothing catalog shoots. "Should this be requested". André has also traveled all over the world shooting scenic places of interest and enjoys working with diverse cultures.

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