This shot is hard to tell if its not an eleven photographically as the model is such a beautiful looking women. But the story is about why I think it is a shot that is an eleven. I went to a clothing company to see about getting some outfits for a shoot and one of them was this outfit. When a top model came to my studio for a shoot I asked if she would put the outfit on and WHAM what a fantastic look on her. The pinup was back in town. I positioned the model so she would be standing part of the way out of my studio ( I had a very large grange door) in the soft light and then I bounced some hard sunlight back with the use of a reflecter. As the back drop was inside in the studio it had no light on it so it went black which was just as I wanted to happen. That helped the model stand out more, a uncomplicated shot. That’s what makes it an eleven.