Tiffany Selby Cover Shot

Tiffany Selby Playboy Playmate

Working on an idea for a new cover shot for my book “Tips & Tricks” Vol II when I had thought about a lighting trick I could use. This lighting would give a separation from the model and background with the use of light, not just, bokeh (the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens).

I was given an outfit from a company that I was shooting images for there catalog a sexy-cowboy/cowgirl outfit part of a Halloween shoot & thought I could make it a cowgirl bandit with a mask, but the trick was to have the mask done with makeup. In fact it was airbrushed on the model’s face (Image below). The background would be a nice red fluffy cloth, not just a red seamless. We went and made one big backdrop from two strips of the cloth.

I made a call to a Playboy® Playmate friend that I wanted to shoot for this shot, Tiffany Selby Miss July 2007 and she agreed to model for me. I wanted to have a model that was not going to be just a big boob girl but had great face and sexy legs & is well portioned. Tiffany is also a seasoned professional. Lighting would be a ring light from the front and two 1/2 domes one on each side from behind poniting to the side’s of her body. As Tiffany was so close to the backdrop I did not need any light on it. It works that the ring-light would light up the background from over spill. The two 1/2 domes were 1F stop higher than the ring light so as to give a nice high light on the models sides. I put the image into Adobe® Photoshop and played with the colors with some of my trick filters and got to the result I was looking for. Hope you guy’s like the end result! Will be in my new book “Tips & Tricks” Vol II.