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André has a Adobe® certification in Dreamweaver & Flash and has an ongoing education in Adobe® Photoshop & other Adobe Creative Suite Apps. He takes pride in building a professional - looking web site for his clients who need a degree of image management and data updates. He can design a website so that it will reflect you or your companies personality and help you stand out. (User accessibility with great design)

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There are two basic choices: HTML static pages or HTML pages that draw their content from a database with the server side running PHP or ASP that will reference information to construct the pages as they are being requested from a database.

HTML with CSS has the advantage of being the most compatibility with Web browsers than a Flash designed site and they are also typically faster to load. If you need to make updates on a large scale you might think about CMS like Word Press a PHP/HTML driven site.

The main focus today is to have a websites list great for search engines and be user friendly this is not about a great looking colorful design, but about readability for Google. For good SEO all the right words and tags need to be embedded into the pages behind and in content to best assist you in being listed for searches as this will play a big part of how you get discovered on the web. You will also need to work on e-mail marketing with the use of landing pages, banner placement & e-mail templates to help drive traffic to your site.

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Things to keep in mind about SEO

SEO is not an exact science and there is no one solution that will work all the time. In fact you will have to adjust your SEO to keep up with the ever changing engineering that Google likes to do. You can not be guaranteed of any ranking in any of the search engines unless you pay for it. Search ranking varies depending on search terms, your location and any other number of factors which are outside of your control. Page rankings can change frequently and this is done as often as hourly.
There are also certain SEO tactics that will get you banned from Google if you use them. (Key-word stuffing, for one example). Just remember that SEO starts with ALT tags and up to-date information (on the pages) about your site and is it prevalent to your website or specific to what some one is searching for.

Image Optimization
Its is important to be in compliance with the W3C and make all your images at 72 DPI this is known as image optimization. As a result, optimizing images can often yield some of the largest byte savings and performance improvements for your website

André can offer you a customized websites with Java-script or jquery elements & some degree of flash if needed in the design. Your website can also be set up with online administration and the tools to easily update your site with new content and information. Your be able to track all the visits & run your business any time of the day or night to stay on top of your online presents. A well constructed website should implement the latest technology in web design & programming to be compliant with the W3C standardization rules.

Advise on the use of a Template

WordPress let’s you install a variety of templates all of which could accommodate your project. You should find a template that looks close to what you will need and then and only then you can place your content (images and text). If you wish to use your design or concept you will need to have a PHP programmer customize a template for you $$$$. Best advice is to start with a template you like and make only minimal changes. Do not try to redesign a template. Let WordPress do all the heavy lifting.

If you are in need of help building or designing your WordPress site André can assist you with that and help you install the right plugins to use. André can also assist you in SEO for your site, something you need to know to be listed high in the search engines.

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All images below are some website sample pages that André has designed and developer.