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Yvette Nelson Kingstion – Black Angel Wings

I was working with Model/actress Yvette Nelson Kingston for a shoot on location in California, when on the way there I had seen that some trees off to one side of the freeway in a field that had been burnt down and I thought we could stop off to shoot there using the tree’s as a backdrop. I am always looking for an opportunity to find something that peeks my interest plus in the back of my head I thought that if I did not stop and shoot now and came back later it might not look the same. It just so happened I had with me some black angel wings that a client had given me from a Halloween shoot which I could use for this location.

I used a Canon digital SLR camera with a Tamron 28-75mm zoom lens F4.5 60sec ISO 100. I think I could have used a 50mm on the camera as it was a crop sensor so it was acting like an 85mm when you looked down the lens, but working with my Tamron 28-75mm. I could zoom in and not move from the spot where I was standing as not to mess up the ground if I had walked over it. I did use a strobe for a main fill light to give a bright look as Yvette was in the shade with her back against the light coming from behind. You can see light on top of her head which is the sunlight and it’s also coming through the trees. The time of the shoot was about 3.15pm in the afternoon so the sun had moved down in the sky. The next location I needed the light to be very low so stopping to shoot this was not going to be an issue for the next set we had planned to shoot that day at a dry lake bed about 40 mins. Away!

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Video from Andre’s YouTube channel about shooting with Yvette Nelson Kingston on location with some fabulous Black Angel Wings

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