This collection of handmade platinum palladium prints are created by André Felix in his studio. These photographs were all originally shot by André Felix and are then readjusted in Adobe® Photoshop using techniques to create the digital negative. These prints are available in extremely limited editions as the cost of producing each is very costly using platinum palladium salts. Platino-palladiotype (platinum palladium) prints are unparalleled by any modern printing technique, in appearance and longevity. These prints are always favored by art collectors because of their look and life expectancy as they will last (200 + Years) or as long as the paper they are printed on. The tonal range of platinum palladium prints are unmatched, even by modern digital inkjet printers. The final color tonality can range from warm black, to reddish brown, with large range of grays in the mid-tones, no two prints are the same. You should to acquire a print from André Felix’s photographic history and order you’s today. It could be worth hundreds of dollars in the future as photographic prints are becoming a fast collectable item. All prints come with a Certificate card. Some of the prints will also included a signature of the Model/Playboy Playmate that is featured in the image. If you are interested in any of these prints please feel free to contact us as they are for sale!

All these images are printed and centered on 8’X10″ paper so the actual images is about 7″X8″


All these images are printed and centered on 8’X10″ paper.

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