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André has been a fashion photographer for 30 + years and has seen fashion trends come and go, he has always been on the cutting edge which is why he is still around shooting fashion today. His style of photography and lighting has helped put him ahead of most photographers when a client is making a first choice for a hire.

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Fashion Shoot "Clean White Backdrop"

Nom de Plume Diagram

Fashion catalog shot in Los Angeles studio with professional models & the use of a professional hair & makeup artist (Teri Groves). This shot of top LA fashion model and TV personality  Lisa Gleave is from a full day shoot with over 60 outfits. The images were shot on a white backdrop with a white board on the floor for the models to stand on and also to give a nice reflection so that the models do not seem to be floating about (Cut-Outs) as that would make for a very amateur look! As you can see in the diagram we use two white umbrella’s one on each side of the backdrop to keep it bright white. There are two soft box’s in front of the model, one on the left and one on the right. The use of box light is to give a nice soft light with no hot spots. This is known as cross lighting with one of the lights 1/2 a stop of light less to act as the fill light as the large soft box is the main light.

Fashion Shoot "Fredrick's of Hollywood model"

Fredricks Of Hollywood Lighting Diagram Set Up

I was on location with professional lingerie model: Yvette Kingston. AKA: Yvette Nelson “The Fredrick’s of Hollywood Model” to shoot some new and very upmarket lingerie and we wanted to have a very natural looking shot. We set up the two tungsten lights one was inside the house pointing to the back of the room on our left side and the other was on the patio pointing at the model from our right. The light inside was a 650K and was also plugged into a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the light to balance it for exposure. The one outside was a 1000K and I could move it forward to the model if I needed it to be brighter or move it back to be less bright. We had planned to shoot later in the day so that the sunlight would be more of the golden light to help blend with the tungsten light. This technique gave me a romantic look with nice warm light to the image. it’s great to be able to shot this sort of outfit working with a professional lingerie model as it gave me the ability to get more images in a short space of time, you can’t stop the sun from setting.

This information can be found in my book Tip & Tricks with many other setups!

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