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BodyGlove Poster
BodyGlove Cell Phone Suit Poster
Cindy Margolis Poster
Cindy Margolis Signature Poster
WhiteCap Poster
White Cap Poster
Playboy Playmate Suzi Simpson Poster
Playmate Suzi Simpson Signature Poster
Playboy Playmate Neriah Davis Poster
Playmate Neriah Davis Signature Poster
Joanne Szmereta Poster
Joanne Szmereta Signature Poster
WhiteCap Poster
White Cap Poster
Gretchen Stockdale Cobra Poster
Gretchen Stockdale Cobra Poster
WhiteCap Oktoberfest Poster
White Cap Oktoberfest Poster

Signature Poster Shoot

I was working with TV actor and model Rebecca Mary. We had set up a very simple to do backdrop of red cloth. My lighting setup was also a very minimal. I had one light on a boom at eye level and the other light was on the floor. Each light was facing the model. The floor light is 1-1/2 stop under the exposure of the main light on the boom. I placed white cards on each side of the model to box the light in. I had also placed a white shiny board on the floor to bounce the light up and to also give the model something solid to stand on as the room we were shooting in had carpet on the floor. You can see the shiny board in the B/W shot. I was also using a fan to blow the model’s hair to give some sort of reaction to the viewer. The final shot left, it’s the poster/pinup look we were going for showing Rebecca’s best attribute’s.

Poster Photographer

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